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Mezcaleros "Road To Texas"

49 minutes of travel...Start from Florida, through the Bayou (Cajun river), reach Albuquerque (Hasta la vista), New Mexico (Eldorado) and ends at the Mexican border after stopping in Texas ...
Mezcaleros is full of Southern rock.
The strikes are heavy and the duo bass / drums acts here like a train that can't stop ...
Come the sharp guitar riffs, Phil plays a 1957 Fender Stratocaster with 1959 Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates ... which explains the slightly crunchy blues sounds ... Marshall amps bringing grain and rock punch ...
Mixed with the sounds of the Dobro guitar (Cajun river, My life is burning, Gotta go) electric guitars got a different color ... more "Texan".
Eldorado will take you to New Mexico, a heavy riff mixed with Spanish guitar.
The Fox is a song that will remind you of the influences of ZZ Top ... A song "Texas handmade" ...
The duo slide / voice Breakdown limousine, the last piece "hot sound" before Little Jimmy, acoustic, very traditional and composed in memory of soldiers killed in Iraq ...

Made in Paris, mixed and mastered at ToneHouse Universal Music France.
In October 2011.

Happy trip with Mezcaleros ...


16.25 USD


4.75 USD

Price including shipping:

21.00 USD

TRACK LISTING of "Road To Texas":

Road to Texas ( 49m:10s)

1 - Let it down (04:45)
2 - Cajun river (04:23)
3 - The Fox (03:58)
4 - My life is burning (04:47)
5 - Hasta la Vista (05:11)
6 - Gotta go (04:50)
7 - Eldorado (05:06)
8 - Rock OLa (04:13)
9 - Love on the screen (04:38)
10 - Breakdown Limousine (03:48)
11 - Little Jimmy (03:30)

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